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Echoes Of The Curse

After the loss of her husband, Penny and Juan, sought refuge in a cozy house in a new city. Little did they know, the charm of their new home concealed a dark secret—a curse whispered about by the locals. Ignoring the cautionary whispers of the locals, they moved in, hopeful for a fresh start. But as strange occurrences began to unfold, they realized they had stepped into a nightmare they couldn't escape.

Writer: Laura Lovecraft

Queen Of Hearts

A protective women will do anything to keep her son from making a mistake that could harm his future, and anything means anything.

Writer: MrHere (A Mother's Worry)

Devil's Desire

Devil's Desire is a HTML game where player lives an ordinary life like any other teenagers. But the day finally comes in his life when he finds the ancient book of his ancestor. The book becomes the life changer of the player. A devil appears and she turns the player's life into a new leaf. Now the question is whether the leaf is good or rotten? To find out the answer, player is advised to play the game with an open mind, recognizing the fictional nature of the contents and to enjoy the freedom to shape their unique adult journey.

Power Play

Step into the immersive world of Power Play, an interactive HTML game where tranquility turns to turmoil as the player's peaceful family life is shattered by a ruthless mafia group. Unravel the mystery behind the mafia's sinister motives and discover the truth. Can you protect your loved ones and thwart the impending danger? Dive into a gripping story-line filled with twists and turns, and embark on a journey to safeguard your closest members from the shadows that threaten to consume them.